How to Draw Anime and Manga Feet in Different Positions

This tutorial offers some suggestions for drawing feet in manga and anime styles from various positions and perspectives.


Anime feet in different positions

You might also want to look at the tutorial drawing Anime as well as the How to Draw Manga Feet From Different Views tutorial prior to looking at this tutorial if you have not done so yet. The tutorial provides detailed directions on drawing the fundamentals of feet.

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How to Start Drawing Anime/Manga Feet in Different Positions

Always begin by drawing the general shape/major forms of the feet first. If you’re not drawing a scene focused on the feet, but also the whole body, then it is best to begin by drawing the general proportions of the individual first.

What to be Aware of When Drawing Anime and Manga Feet in Different Positions

When drawing feet, there are two primary components to be considered, the foot itself, and the toes. While toes may be moved separately, in the majority of regular foot movements, they tend to stay in a group.

While we’re focused on feet in this lesson, it’s important to pay attention to the leg positions in relation to feet. It’s easy to get lost in the location of the legs as well as the rest of your body when drawing only feet, however, you must keep these in your mind. Being aware of everything will make it easier to avoid making mistakes. If we use the scenario of someone standing up on their feet, the location of the foot relative to the foot is not affected regardless of how much the person is standing in their heels. The legs will stay upright.

Consistency Between Different Views When Drawing

Be sure to keep the proportions (length and height …) of your foot) identical between different positions.

It is equally important to be consistent across different perspectives for the exact same thing. For example, if the figure you draw is at a specific angle when depicted in one scene of manga, you should remain at the same angle whenever you show the same person from a different angle in a different scene (as the person that you draw does not move).


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