How to Draw Anime and Manga Feet From Different Views -

How to Draw Anime and Manga Feet From Different Views

How to Draw Anime and Manga Feet From Different Views

Feet have a variety of different shapes, making them among the body parts that are most difficult to draw. The feet of anime, like other body parts depicted in the style of anime, have simplified representations of the real feet.

This guide provides useful guidelines and examples to assist you in learning how to draw feet within manga and anime styles using different perspectives.


How to Start Drawing Anime Feet in Any View

Anime feet in different views

The feet of anime are generally much less stylized (closer to the real feet) as compared to different body parts that are anime-styled.

The shape and size of feet can differ according to a myriad of factors, however, the same principles are applicable for drawing all feet. In this lesson, we’ll sketch our feet as they will most likely be the feet of an adult young.

For any view of feet, begin by drawing the general shape that the feet take. You can leave the details of smaller sizes like toenails and toes for when you’ve completed this. It is important to determine the general proportions of your foot first. This will allow you to avoid mistakes when drawing specifics. Sketching a rough outline of your subject before the drawing is a good way to start drawing generally.

To draw the toes, feet, and toenails from a 3/4-view, look at the following:

How to Draw Toes & Toenails on a Foot in 4 Steps

Drawing Anime Feet From Top View

Anime feet top view

It’s a nice perspective, to begin with since it allows you to get a good view of the feet.

In the same way, start withdrawing the overall outline of your foot first. Your foot is wider toward the toes, and narrower to the hind end. But the general shape and form of the toes will be slightly narrower from the base up to the top.


Be aware of the proportions so that your toes are proportionately sized in relation to each other. The largest toe is likely to be the biggest (about twice the width of those toes).

Drawing Anime Feet From Bottom View

Anime feet bottom view


Drawing feet of anime from the bottom is quite similar to drawing the same feet from the top perspective (you should follow the steps in the previous paragraphs). One thing to be aware of while drawing your feet in the lower is that it’ll typically mean that the feet aren’t standing on a flat surface (unless it’s clear). This means that the smaller toes could curve slightly downwards, and appear to be a bit shorter.

Drawing Anime Feet From Side View

Anime feet side view

If you are drawing your foot from the toe’s small side, all the other toes will be evident regardless of the viewing angle.

In the side view, draw the foot in an upward slope that is higher towards the heel, then lower toward the toes.

Drawing Anime Feet From Inner Side View

Anime feet big toe side view

If you draw your foot in a close-to-eye line as in this video tutorial, from the toes on the top of the foot, the toes on the opposite side will not be apparent.

When drawing your heel from the side, make certain that you draw an arch in between the toes as well as the heel.

Drawing Anime Feet From Front View

Anime feet front view

When drawing your foot from the front view, it is important to keep in mind that the toes together are not nearly as wide as the actual foot. This is a common error that a lot of people make when drawing from this perspective.

To aid you in understanding the correct proportions, you can draw lines to indicate the size of each of your toes. Make this drawing before you draw the specifics.

Drawing Anime Feet From Back View

Anime feet back view

From the back, from the back, the heel part of the foot will appear wider towards the bottom, and smaller to the highest point. Draw the overall outline of the heel keeping this in mind.


Draw a curved line on the foot’s back over the heel to show the bones. Make sure you draw the heel’s bottom with a slight curve. Then draw the front of your foot (it is partially covered by the rear of the foot). The toes won’t be evident in this image so long as they’re sitting on the floor as well as the feet are at eye level (like the illustration in this instructional).

Additionally, you could draw a line over the heel to show an idea about an Achilles tendon.


This video tutorial explains some of the most basic angles and views you can draw your feet in. Of course, there are plenty of other angles and views. If you’re struggling, you could always refer to real feet as a guide.

For more information about drawing manga feet and anime feet, you should check out our Drawing Anime as well as Manga Feet in Different Positions tutorial.

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