How to Draw Anime and Manga Eyes to Show Mood & Personality

This brief tutorial will teach you to draw manga and anime eyes in order to convey the characters’ moods or character.

It is similar to drawing Anime Eyes or Eye Expressions however with a slightly different set of examples and a purpose.


Drawing Anime & Manga Eyes to Show a Characters Personality

Anime eyes show different types of personalities

Eye expressions with Wile are fantastic to show a character’s immediate emotions. A character may also display a more permanent or semi-permanent facial expression.

Here are some tips you can apply to make the eyes of a character convey a certain character.

Note that the following examples are not recommendations.

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Friendly Anime & Manga Eyes

Friendly anime eyes

Eyes with big eyes are generally more expressive and friendly-looking. To make the eyes appear more friendly, draw the lower eyelids slightly upwards and then curve them downwards. This will give your eyes a slight squint, even though they’re smiling, which will give a more welcoming appearance.

Innocent Anime & Manga Eyes

Innocent anime eyes

Reflections that are a great deal of fun particularly to eyes with large pupils give a person an innocent, excited, or “in love” appearance.


Serious Anime & Manga Eyes

Serious anime eyes

To create a serious-looking anime character, draw your eyes vertically more narrow with the upper eyelids, and lower eyebrows toward the middle of the face.

Crazy Anime & Manga Eyes

Crazy anime eyes

If you’re looking for a character with scary or crazy eyes, draw them wide with small irises as well as smaller pupils. You should leave empty spaces between the eyes as well as the eyelids/eyelashes.

Uncaring Anime & Manga Eyes

Blank anime eyes

To create “empty eyes” draw the eyes that have no pupils and no reflections. This could cause a character to appear uncaring, or even numb.

Villain Anime & Manga Eyes

Villain anime eyes

For drawing the eyes of a character from the anime villain, it is possible to use a combination of all three of the crazy, serious, and empty eyes of anime. The eye’s overall shape should be similar to the eye of a serious character (squinting with lower eyelids and eyebrows) The iris can be drawn smaller than those of crazy anime eyes. much of the inside parts can be left unnoticed (similar to the eyes that are uncaring).


There are many eyes and characters in anime. This guide is designed to provide you with some ideas for drawing eyes to depict an individual in a particular manner. If you’re looking for more references, you could always stop a specific scene from an anime, look at a section of manga, or examine yourself in the mirror to try to draw the face you’d like to draw.

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