How Draw Anime and Manga Ears

This short tutorial demonstrates how to draw manga and anime ears from both sides from the front and back and shows where to place the ears with respect to the head.

How to draw anime and manga ears

Manga and anime ears differ in their styles, from more realistic to extremely simplified, but there’s no standard method of drawing manga ears.

It can be difficult to get clear guidelines on drawing ears due to the fact of their unique shape. The best thing to do is simply to examine some examples illustrated in this tutorial or even look at photographs of actual ears if you prefer a more realistic look.

Ear drawing step by step

If drawing an anime ears from a side view, it is beneficial to imagine it as an egg or an oval that is tilted towards one side.

The example above is for more realistic or serious anime that tends to bring the ear closer to the art of the past. Some styles may reduce the ear to some lines.

Placement of Anime Ears on the Head

Anime ear placement on the head

The ears of anime tend to be placed lower on the forehead than actual ears. One way to position cartoon ears is to trace a line horizontally between the middle and the forehead and after that draw a horizontal line between the lines and the cheek. Draw the ears in between the two lines.

Anime ear placement on the head side view

To place the ear vertically, draw a line across the middle of your head. move the ear away from the line.

If you’d like to draw smaller ears, you could move them a bit away from the upper line.

Anime ear placement on the head

If you want to draw more elaborate and more stylized “chibi” anime heads you can draw your ears lower on the head.


To draw horizontally, place the top of your ears towards the lower part of the forehead. The lower part of the ear is near the bottom of the nose.



Sometimes manga and anime ears are drawn similar to real ears, and at times they are very simplified, based on the style of anime that the artist has in mind. The location of the anime’s ears may be altered in accordance with the anime style.

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