How to Draw Anime

Are you interested in learning the art of drawing anime? If yes, then this guide written by the creators of is specially designed for those who want to learn!

What do you need to draw anime similar fashion to the artists did? It’s a simple pencil and an article of paper or a graphic tablet. If all is set and you are eager to master drawing an anime, we can begin!


Step 1

To begin, draw the head, chest, and pelvis that are in the shape of three ovals. Then, draw an outline of the spine which connects the three ovals.




Step 2

Then, use simple lines to make legs. Make sure you mark the joints using circles. If you’d like to learn how to draw anime proportions, please write to us via the comment section.




Step 3.

Make two lines on the face to serve as a guide that will guide the eye. After that attach the face to the chest, and the pelvis to the chest to create the body.




Step 4

Therefore, in order to make the limbs, it is important to employ simple geometric designs. The arms are in the shape of cylinders as are the elbow and shoulder joints are in the shape of balls.




Step 5

The legs must be designed similarly to the arms, by using to create cylinders to create the upper and lower legs as well as a ball to create knee joints. Don’t forget to draw your feet.




Step 6

Following the steps from the third step, draw eyes, noses, and mouths. If you want to know more about this, check out the article we wrote on drawing the face of an anime.




Step 7

Let’s make our cartoon head an appearance that is more normal. We’ll start with the jaw and give an angular look. The next step is to show a clearly visible neck and ear.




Step 8

This phase of the tutorial on drawing anime is easy since we show hair here. The hair should be drawn by using lots of lines that are short.




Step 9

Let’s get started on the torso right now. Draw the folds and contours of clothes, like the artists from Also, in the tutorial on drawing anime-inspired clothes, you’ll be taught the process in depth.




Step 10

Then we’ll perform the same process, but using the arms. That is, we’ll create the folds and lines on the sleeves. Make sure to add pleats and cuffs If you need them.




Step 11

Animation hands are simple to draw since they don’t have intricate designs and complex shapes. Thus, you can draw everything like the artists from has done in the sketch below.




Step 12

Make the lines a smooth line, making pants. On the areas of the ankles and knees make a few simple folds. Pants could be narrow or wide like the ones from the designers of




Step 13

People who draw anime usually have shoes. With smooth lines, sketch the contours of noses, contours, and soles as did the artists from in the sketch below.




Step 14

Put the pencil down and switch to an eraser because this is the right time to use it! Remove the guidelines from the sketch and then employ an ink or dark pencil to trace the entire drawing to make sure the drawing appears appealing and transparent.




Step 15

Now, you can take your imagination to the max because it’s the time to paint anime. You can paint using the color palette provided by the artists from or draw anime using any other color.




The route on this page has been completed If you’ve not strayed, you’re able to draw anime.

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