Today, we’ll show how to draw the art of drawing Angel from X-Men. The making of this tutorial was a unique surprise for us since Angel has been one of the early members of this X-Men team. You probably already know that are fans of classic comic characters greatly. We hope you do too.

Step 1
The first thing we’ll sketch out is the stickman. The goal is by sketching out the proportions and posture of this character. Before beginning your drawing process, suggest taking a close look at the proportions of the stickman. Examine how long the head is, and then compare it to the growing stickman. Head length must be at least 1/7-1/7.5 portion that is the size. The shoulders must be larger than the pelvis.

Step 2
In this phase, we’ll begin to work on the volume and give flesh to the body of the Angel. Draw out the neck as a shape of a cylinder. After drawing the body. It will widen in the upper area and taper into the waist. We also draw legs and arms using the help of cylinders as well as circles, as shown in the photo below the text.

The final step in this step is drawing the shape of the wings. Our hero is very tall with huge wings. The length of each wing is the same as the growth that is the Angel.

Step 3
In this stage, we’ll sketch the most basic of aspects. Beginning with the head and moving towards the legs the first step is to draw the hair, eyes nose, and mouth. Remember to draw Angel and must draw the contours of the feathers that make up the wings.

Step 4
In this way, we’ll draw only the final particulars. With clear and dark lines, carefully sketch out the lines of the face. Draw the eyes, mouth, and nose. After that, it is possible to erase any unnecessary lines from your head.

Step 5
Now is the time for drawing a figure. It is important to carefully sketch out the outline of the abdominal and thoracic muscles. Once you’ve done that, you can eliminate any unnecessary body guidelines and draw the lines of your costume.

Step 6
Let’s trace the arms. Start by drawing the larger deltoid muscles. Then, below them, draw the triceps, biceps, and the muscles of the forearms. If you’re not sure about the exact location of these muscles, look up the drawing instruction (step 2.). Then, draw your hands that are clenched and then erase the lines.

Step 7
Let’s move down a bit and then begin to work on the lower half that Angel’s physique. The first step is to draw pants that are clinging with only minimal folds. Then, draw leg muscles, and erase all the lines that were drawn from the initial steps. Make sure to fold the sides of the shoe.

Step 8
After the final drawing of the figure, we typically begin working on the shadows. However, in this drawing lesson, we are drawing a person who has wings. Therefore, draw the outline of the wings, as illustrated in the example. Be aware that the lower, laterally located feathers are extremely long.

Step 9
In the final stage (according to tradition) we’ll work using shadows. Draw the outline of the shadows, and then paint them in black. To make transitions between light and shadow you can use simple, dense hatching.

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