How To Draw Anakin Skywalker Step by Step -

How To Draw Anakin Skywalker Step by Step

How To Draw Anakin Skywalker Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1

Okay, let’s get started on the first step by sketching out Anakin’s instructions and forms beginning with the circle around his face. You’ll then add guides to his face as well as a outline of his neck that is curved. Then create an oval to represent his body, and the cup-shaped shape for the stomach. Then, draw guidelines for his arms and legs and then form the joints, hands and feet.

Step 2
The next step will begin sketching or drawing the body’s shape starting with his left leg and left arm. Retrace your attention to his face and begin drawing out the facial features of his like the nose, eyes and mouth, as and certain hairstyles. Then, finish by drawing the liner for his attire.

Step 3
You’ve reached the third step and you’re familiar with what it means, don’t you? You’re almost finished. In this stage you’ll begin sketching Anakin’s hairstyle, as well as his bodies. Start by drawing the side, sketching his arms, hands as well as the chest, or the back of his lantern sword. Make sure you include the intricate line design on the sleeve, as illustrated. Then, draw the outline of his shirt and chest and add folds and wrinkles to the clothing. Then, draw out the outline of his left leg and neck.

Step 4
This is the last drawing stage and what you’ll do is finish your little Jedi Knight by sketching the remainder of his outfit as depicted. Once you’re done, draw his hands and draw the shape of his lamp shade as it is shown here. Draw all the specifics of the clothing like wrinkles and wrinkles. After you’ve finished, you can begin to erase the basic shapes and principles you sketched in the step 1.

Step 5
When you’re done, your sketch will be like the one you can see here. The only thing you need to do is color him. That’s it. You’ve just learned How to draw Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars The Clone Wars step-by-step.

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