Hello everybody. Today, we’ll show the viewers the drawing process for an Xbox controller. Let’s be reminded that in one of the previous lessons, we showed the students ways to create the gamepad using the model that came with DualShock 4.

Step 1
Like the lesson we learned about the gamepad in Sony PlayStation, we begin this lesson by learning the basics of contours by drawing light lines.

Step 2
On the left side sketch out the stick and cross, while on the right side draw four circular buttons as well as a stick. In the upper portion, sketch the button for home.

Step 3
Use extremely clear lines, and draw all the controls. The buttons should be three-dimensional, like in our illustration. Include letters on the buttons.

Step 4
Then draw your outline of the controller’s controls and the triggers on the front.

Step 5
The drawing is nearly done. Let’s transform this Xbox controller’s drawing to look more 3-dimensional with hatching.

The class “Easy drawing” was augmented by one drawing lesson. Soon, this category and other categories will also be restocked with an array of new learning lessons.

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