How to Draw an X-Wing, X-Wing Starfighter

How to Draw an X-Wing, X-Wing Starfighter

Step one:

Begin with a box-like shape at the center of the drawing. Next, draw two lines on either side of the body of the ship. These lines will be used for the wings.

Step two:

In the next step, you’ll need to employ the ship’s body guide and draw the actual frame of the X-Wing. It’s an oblong form as you can see in this.

Step three:

At the rear side of the vessel, sketch two tubular shapes of the engines of the X-Wing. It is also possible to detail them but not too much.

Step four:

As you move forward, pull the wings. They are flat and long , and they open like an open mouth. Draw these wings in the manner you can see them executed in this stage.

Step five:

The left wings, and once that’s done, you’ll be able to draw the four laser or gun guns for each side of the vessel. There is another engine you must draw into as well.

Step six:

Then, add details to the ship’s body. Draw the windows on the hull or the cockpit. When you are finished and you are pleased with the design, you can erase any mistakes and lines.

Step seven:

Here’s the line art for you. All you have to do is color you Starfighter and X-Wing Starfighter.

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