how to draw an umbrella

Do you want to know the art of drawing the umbrella? If you’re reading this article probably you’d like to know what to draw an umbrella.

We decided to design the most cost-effective and simple nine stages, which we described as easy and understandable as could be.


Step 1

Begin drawing an umbrella starting from its base. This is an extremely long and narrow oval. The oval must be perfectly proportioned and even.




Step 2

Then, using a big U-shaped line, show the top that is the top of your umbrella. The line can be smooth or rounded. We picked the median value.




Step 3

Draw two ribs that partially duplicate the faces on the sides that were drawn at the beginning of this step. The sketch we draw as each stage progresses becomes increasingly like an umbrella sketch, isn’t it?




Step 4

Then give an edge on the lower part of your design a natural and attractive look using a wavy line. Try to make the line as precise and proportional as possible.




Step 5

Then, complete the drawing of the lower part of the umbrella by drawing another flowing line. It’s similar to the wings of a bat or dragon, isn’t it? It’s nearly done, so we can move towards the lower part.




Step 6

Utilizing two parallel and straight lines, draw the umbrella’s shaft. To ensure that the lines are even it is possible to use a ruler.




Step 7

It’s a simple step in the process of learning the drawing an umbrella but we’ll draw crucial details. On top, draw the tips, while at the bottom, draw the handle.




Step 8

Dear readers of now are the time to grab an eraser and wash all lines from the umbrella design. Draw the umbrella’s outline to make it appear more crisp and detailed.




Step 9

We chose to spray paint it with the classic shades – darker gray to cover the canopy, and black for the handle and shaft.




Did this guideline on how to create an umbrella clear and cost-effective? Please share your thoughts, because it’s very important to us. We will read all your emails and will respond to a lot of them.

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