How To Draw An Ox Step by Step || Bull Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw Bacteria Step by Step

Step 1

In the initial step of our guide on drawing a cow, we’ll begin with the head of the animal and the horns.

The first step is to use circles to mark the upper part of the muzzle and the lower part of the mouth, as illustrated in the image reference. We’ll then use more rounded lines for top of the head of the cow.

After that, using waving lines We’ll draw wavy horns over one side of head, and end with spikes.

Then, draw a couple of tiny round ears to one side or the other of your head for completing the look.

After that, we’ll be able to proceed to the next step of this tutorial!

Step 2 – Draw certain details on the face, and also the neck’s beginning and body
To build on this drawing of the bull we’ll add additional details to the face as well as its neck as well as the torso and neck of the magnificent bull!

Begin by adding a big black dot to the nose, to represent nostrils. After you’ve drawn it the nose, you can draw an elongated circle with an inside dot for the eyes.

Then, draw a curved line in the ear, to reveal the inside.

We’ll then use a few more curves to represent elements such as the cow’s jaw, neck and shoulders.

The bull is powerful and muscular which is why we’ll use lots of smooth round lines. Once you’re satisfied with how it appears, you’re ready to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Draw additional cows
The third and final step in our guide on drawing the cow will concentrate on creating a contour for the body.

In particular, we will concentrate on the front and back feet of the animal. In the front, you can use an area that joins the neck, and then leans down sharply.

Then, you can create a small Wavy Tail to the final section.

Then, we will draw the point where we begin the front leg in this step and it will be drawn using curves that connect with the chest.

The leg will be drawn out in the end and then draw the second leg when we progress to the next steps.

Step 4: Next draw the first hind leg as well as the starting point of the belly.
You have drawn the starting point of the previous turn in the first step, and in this step , we will sketch the starting point for the next turn.

With a few more curves to the thicker upper part of the hindfoot, you can draw the back part of the leg. This will make it thinner and more straight, and with the hoof at the bottom.

Draw some simple curves for your belly. You can include the top of the front leg.

When these areas are sketched and outlined, we can proceed to the final design in the next stage within the instructional.

Step 5 – Apply the final details to your cow’s sketch
Now you are in the right position to complete the last parts and details of this instructional guide on drawing the cow! The first step is draw the legs.

Most of these are at different angles, however they all have the same characteristic: they’re more thick on top and less so on the bottom.

When they’re drawn as the image in our reference You can then add additional curves to the chest area to make the cow look more muscular!

After you’ve finished your outline, you’ll be able to add specifics of your own! You can add the background, or perhaps some small brushstrokes. So how can you make this picture complete?

Step 6 – Complete your cow drawing using the color
We’re ready to move on to the last step in the cow drawing. at this point we’ll wrap it up with some colors!

Cows aren’t among the brightest colored animal, so we chose to take more of a realistic, not-so-dumb approach to our image of reference. We employed a variety of shades of brown for coloring the cow.

If you mix light and dark hues to further increase the muscularity of the cow.

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