This drawing guide will teach you how to draw an Otter. This adorable and hilarious animal can swim well and move very fast on the ground. If you’ve ever been to forests or lakes, you may have seen this tiny predator.


How to Draw an Otter

Step 1 – Sketch the basics

First, draw three rounded shapes. The back is where you will find the largest figure. In fact, it looks like an upside-down snowman. Do not try to draw perfectly symmetrical and flat shapes.




Step 2: Sketch the Limbs & Spine

Second, make sure your otter is in a good posture. Draw a line from your head to the pelvis. Turn it into a tail. The chest and pelvis will protrude four small lines that become limbs.




Step 3: Draw the Muzzle’s Front

Draw the muzzle to the left of the head. It may appear that the image looks like a rat at the moment. However, it is still an Otter. With a dash, mark the location of the otter’s mouth.




Step 4: Draw the eyes and nose of the Otter

Begin to detail the head. The outlines of the ears should look like two semicircles of different sizes. Next, draw the nose and mouth with small ovals.




Step 5: Draw the Otter’s Front Legs

Draw the outline of the otter’s strong, short front legs. Draw a gradual downward taper. As a guide, use the lines of the second step.




Step 6 – Draw the Toes on the Front Legs

Add four more toes to your front legs and then finish with sharp claws. Sharpen your otter claws properly, as they can be dangerously large.




Step 7 – Draw your hind leg

You can draw even bigger hind legs. These limbs should be as broad as possible at the point of connection to the animal’s body.




Step 8 – Draw your Toes on the Hind Legs

This is the final part of our guide on drawing an otter. Sketch out the outline of the long, pointed clawed hind paws.




Step 9 – Delete the Guidelines

You will need to remove all auxiliary lines from the otter sketch. The only remaining contrast outlines must be left without any guidelines.




Step 10 – Color your Otter Drawing

Brown is a good base color. For small shadows, a darker shade of brown is an excellent choice. Your drawing will look more realistic and vivid if you place a white highlight in the eye contour.




This is an excellent job. Your work is worthy of being in the gallery with vivid drawings. Have a closer look at this otter. Tell me about your animal – an otter, or a ferret. We are very proud of the outcome. If you have any great ideas for future drawings, please let us know!

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