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How to Draw An Orchid

Orchids can be described as tropical flowering plants. They are common all over the globe. There are over 22,000 orchid species. Some orchids can be epiphytes which means they grow on other plants such as trees with roots in the air rather than underground. Some orchids form symbiotic relationships to fungi to eat decaying organic matter.

Two of the most popular varieties are vanilla, whose pods produce the familiar flavoring, and the houseplant Phalaenopsis.

For centuries, humans have assigned symbolism orchids. It was believed that an orchid tuber, which is the root-like part of the stem, would give birth to a boy if it was eaten by a father. However, a mother who ate them would give birth a girl.

A pink orchid is the symbol of affection and is used to mark the 14th anniversary. Numerous orchid varieties have been adopted by countries around the world to be their national flowers.

Sometimes orchids can be whimsically compared to other things. The structure of the Phaleanopsisorchid (such as the one shown in this tutorial) resembles a lion’s face. Slipper orchids are also known as lady’s slippers.

Vanilla is the greatest contribution of orchids. This delicious treat is made from beautiful flowers of vines. This flavoring is made with the pods or beans that have been either softened in liquid or scraped.

Do you want to draw a tropical orchid in pencil? This step-by-step guide will help you draw a tropical orchid. It uses simple lines and shapes and follows easy instructions. You will only need a pencil, some paper and an eraser. To shade your final drawing, you may want to use colored pencils or crayons.

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How to Draw An Orchid Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Start by drawing two curves. These lines should be diagonally opposite each other, and should descend toward each other. This is the beginning of the flower’s petals.

2nd Step:

Continue drawing the petals. Each one should be traced with a straight line. Then, draw a second line that is curved outward and then return it to the center of the flower. To create a mirror image, repeat the process on each side.

3rd Step:

Three additional petals are added to orchids, the sepals. To enclose the space between the existing petals, draw the first one using a curve line. Next, draw the second sepal using a curve line for each.

4th Step:

Next, draw the column or center of your flower. Draw a circle, leaving an opening at its bottom. Curve the lines around this opening downward. Cover the opening with an irregular shape. Leave the bottom unfinished and extend a series of parallel lines. As needed, erase guide lines.

5th Step:

Next, draw the labellum (or lip) of the orchid. You will need to wrap an irregularly curved, triangular shape around the base of the column. You should cover the entire flower with this shape, filling in the space between the petals.

6th Step:

Next, draw the throat of your flower. You will need to create a curved and irregular shape from each side of your column. Continue to create a mirror image from each side.

7th Step:

Your flower can be embellished with details. Use curved lines to texture the petals and sepals. Draw lines along the length of the throat. Then, draw dots on the lower part of the column (the stigmatic surface).

8th Step:

Two curving lines should be drawn downwards from the flower to form the stem.

9th Step:

​​​​​From the stem, extend a pair of narrowly spaced curved lines. From these, extend three lines that meet in a sharp point. This forms the leaf with its vein.

10th Step:

Color your orchid. There are many varieties of orchids. Most orchids are pink, purple, or white. However, they can also come in yellow, red or blue or green or a combination of both.


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