How to Draw an Orangutan Step by Step -

How to Draw an Orangutan Step by Step

How to Draw an Orangutan Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

Let’s begin by drawing all the instructions so it is easier to draw the Orangutan. Draw the oval shape of the head. Draw two lines from each side of the oval head. Next, draw a line that frames the shoulders and long arms. Draw a circle on the oval’s ned that will cover a larger circle to support the monkey’s body. Draw two circles at the ends of each club arm for the hands. Next, move to the left side for the torso to begin drawing the club line for left foot. One circle is for the knee, one for foot. . As you can see, the shape for the legs is smaller on the right. Let’s go over all the steps and then move onto the next.

Step 2

You now need to take a closer look at your sketched image to see what you can do next. This will be a step-by-step guide. However, I want you to have a clear mental image of what you’re going to draw. Orangutans are very large and have thick bodies. I ask you to start drawing lines to represent the shape of the ape’s actual body. As you can see, he has taken on an orange-haired monkey appearance.

Step 3

As with all steps, this step explains how to draw an orangutan. Begin by sketching the face using two small eyes. Next, draw the outline of the mouth and nipple over the lips in the circle that covers the face and torso. Orangutans’ lips are prominent and wide. Their fingers appear very hard and long when you move your hand down. Because they use their hands to shred food and hang from trees, it’s not necessary to be delicate when drawing with their fingers. Similar applies to their feet and legs. Draw them first.

Step 4

Next, add hair to the left side of the head, arms and shoulders. Take a look at the image again to get an idea of how to create this effect. Simply grab your pencil and swipe it side to side, going inward. As you go, lightly press the pencil to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes. When sketching facial features, the orangutan will display a sad expression. Their skin is not smooth, but it looks like an old person. Continue after you have completed this step.

Step 5

This is an easy step. You just need to draw some hairs on top of the monkey’s heads. You should keep in mind that they have very long fur. You can also detail the knuckles with simple horizontal lines. Finally, draw the eyelids, pupils, and eyebrows.

Step 6

Another short step is next. Finish the sketch by drawing the rest of your long hair. Once you have completed the sketch, you can erase the principles you created in step 1 and clean up your work. Once you’re satisfied with your work move on to the next.

Step 7

It is the Sumatran angutan. Is he a Bigfoot? I hope you had a lot of fun.


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