How to Draw An Orange

Oranges are one of the most well-known and loved fruits in the world. It is easy to see why. With its sweet citrus flavor and juicy goodness, it is the perfect snack for a hot summer day.

It is the state fruit in Florida, making it even more famous! Its simple structure makes it easy to draw an orange.

It can be difficult to add variations, but a guide such as this one is a great help.

We hope you have lots of fun while you follow this step-by-step guide to drawing an orange.

1st Step:

The stalk and the leaf are the first steps in our guide to drawing an orange. The leaf is drawn using curved lines, which are joined at the end to form a point.

You can then add a line to the middle of the leaf’s central vein. Next, draw a small rectangular shape that is rounded for the orange’s stem.

To complete this step, you can add a thick line connecting your stem and leaf.

2nd Step:

Once you have the stem and leaf of the orange, it is time to start drawing the outline of its body.

Although it may seem tempting to draw a perfect circle with no other options, we won’t. We will be using other orange slices as a guide.

As if you were drawing a complete circle, draw a straight line beneath the stem and leaf.

It should now look like a half circle at the angle we have shown in our reference image.

3rd Step:

You’ll be happy that you didn’t draw a full-sized orange in the previous step . See our guide on drawing an Orange.

This is because we will fill the empty space in the outline of the orange. You can first draw what will look somewhat like a half moon shape for one section of the orange.

You can then draw a rounded shape with a flat top so it doesn’t look perfect.

4th Step:

Next, you will need to add some final details to your orange drawing. This is a simple part, since you only need to draw some curves for the orange slices’ rinds.

You can draw a half-moon slice by adding two lines that are close to the edge.

You can then add a line slightly above the outline for the half-orange on the right. It should not be difficult if you refer to the reference picture.

5th Step:

We have some final details to add to this step of before we add color to the picture. This is our guide on drawing an Orange.

To create the small orange segment you can draw a shape that looks somewhat like a starting shape from the edge. Next, draw a line starting at the center of the star shape and going outwards to the orange in different lengths.

Although the details on the half orange are more difficult, once you’re comfortable with it, it shouldn’t be too hard. Start by drawing another star shape in the center of the orange.

Next, draw what appears to be : a row of triangular shapes that form a circle within the inner orange.

Each of the triangular shapes will have a slight gap between the sides. They will also extend inwardly to align with the center star shape you created.

Refer to the reference image if you are ever lost.

6th Step:

After you’ve finished all the details, you can add amazing colors to your orange sketch.

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