Hello, dear artists. In this drawing class, we will teach the students ways to draw the Opossum an interesting animal with a beautiful, strange appearance.

Step 1
Then, the first sketch out the tree where our opossum will be seated. Then sketch out the opossum’s anatomy with ovals for the head and body as well as lines for the legs and tail.

Step 2
Let’s give some volume to your possum’s body. Possum. Draw out the ears, muzzle, and eyes. Connect the ovals to create thicker limbs and a tail.

Step 3
Let’s begin with the head of our Opossum. Draw the eyes as well as the mouth, nose, and ear. Draw the whiskers with slightly bent lines. Create the contours of body fur by drawing quick strokes.

Step 4
This is the simplest part of the tutorial on drawing an Opossum step-by-step. In this case, we must erase any unneeded guidelines on the body of the bizarre creature.

Step 5
We are now at the final stage of the drawing lesson. As with all the other steps on our website, this time we will draw shadows. Include hatching on the body of an opossum as well as to the branch in our case.

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