Good morning Dear artists! In this drawing class, we’ll teach you the art of drawing an older television. In the previous lessons, we taught students how you can draw a contemporary flat television The principles of drawing used in these lessons differ.
Step 1
Thus by drawing straight lines, you can trace out the outline on the back of the old-fashioned television in the form of the shape of a rectangle.
Step 2
Within the rectangle of the previous step, draw a second rectangle as shown in the following example.
Step 3
Draw another rectangle as well as a vertical line to separate the screen and the control panel.
Step 4
Make use of the lines that are slightly curled to trace an outline for the display on our TV.
Step 5
In the left part, create and control panel. Take note that for different televisions, the design of the panel could be different.
Step 6
Then in the last stage of drawing the lesson on drawing an old television, you draw an antenna on the top and the legs down on the bottom.

This was an extremely simple drawing lesson. We hope it was enjoyable and beneficial for you. If you think this lesson is too easy for you, go to the drawing lessons in our ” cars” section of our website. Don’t ignore that our accounts are available on all social networks. Do not forget to join our social media accounts and send these drawing lessons to your friends.

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