How To Draw An Old Man Step by Step -

How To Draw An Old Man Step by Step

How To Draw An Old Man Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

The first step in the instructional guide of drawing an older man, we’ll begin with his face and head. Start by drawing a straight line for an upper portion of the head that is bald.

Use smaller curves to create his eyelids and then put on his large nose. There will be an under-eye mustache that is small and under his nose. Lastly, you can put on an angular the chin.

On the opposite side of the head, we can draw the form of his hair and include his ears that are round. Complete the drawing by drawing some lines that are short for the neck. Then we can proceed onto the next stage!

Step 2: Now draw certain details on the hair and face.
You’ve completed the outline of the old man drawing, so we can add some specifics to it.

Then, apply some circles to create a half-closed look on the rightside, and then , add a thick eyebrow to top it off.

We’ll also include some curves on his face to create his face appear more naked.

Then , draw a second portion of the neck. We will also add a few small detail lines in the neck. We’ll then finish our drawing by drawing the neck collar to the side of his neck.

Step 3. Draw the remainder of the chest and shirt
We’ll leave our heads and focusing more on his chest and arms in this part of the drawing an old man drawing tutorial.

When drawing, bear in mind that your left arm is bent inwards while the right hand will rest on the cane.

With this in mind, let’s make use of curves to draw the fabric of his shirt in the same way as we did in the image reference.

You can draw his waist and chest before we finish with drawing the hands towards the end of the sleeves.

Try to position your body in the same position as that we have shown in the picture because this will reveal that he’s slightly stooped.

Step 4: Next draw his first leg, and then his cane
Following your older man’s drawing, let’s draw his first leg with the cane. To draw the stick, you may prefer using a ruler to cut the edges into a straight line.

There is also the bottom of the device has a small section of rubber on the bottom which you can use to draw the shape of a small rectangle.

Then, you should pull a slim belt to him, just below his waist prior to taking the initial step. The leg will be extended to show the leg is moved forward when you walk.

Due to the position it is possible to be able to see the bottom of the shoes he’s wearing on his foot. After you’ve drawn these elements and are ready for more details to draw your next stage!

5. Add your last details to the old man’s drawing
In the fifth step of the drawing an old man drawing tutorial We will fine-tune the finer details and strokes before coloring in the next step.

The leg will extend backwards to show that how he’s walking. The ankle is bent to show he’s in middle of his stride.

After this leg has been completed, we’ll be all set to start! Before drawing it, you’ll be able to add details and other elements from your personal.

What kind of background could you imagine for this man? Maybe you can sketch some characters using him!

Step 6 – Complete your drawing of the old man with color
This is the last step of your drawing for your old man and we’ll finish it off with some colour. In the image we used as a reference we have chosen less muted colors, like light brown and yellow for his clothes. you could choose to go with similar style if would like.

You could also choose to use entirely individual colors If you’d like, be sure to think outside the box and create this image exactly the way you would like it to!

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