There was a reason why several of our readers requested us to demonstrate the art of drawing an oil properly. The drawing lesson is now ready and we’re ready to begin the drawing process.

Step 1
The drawing lesson is easy to follow and begins with very basic lines. We will begin by sketching out the movement of an oil well that looks like the shape of a hammer or pickaxe.

Step 2
Then sketch out some aspects that are a bit lower than the portion that is the well for oil which we traced in the earlier step. It is important to note that all lines drawn in the first step should be extremely thin.

Step 3
Then, using the aid of straight lines and long lines, we sketch the outline of the upper portion of the well. You can draw them using the help of a ruler, however, it is easier if you are able to deal with the task without the aid of a ruler.

Step 4
We now need to draw the same way, however, with the lower portion of the well. This means with straight and clear lines, we’ll mark all the lines that we’ve drawn in our second stage of the guide on drawing lines for an oil well.

Step 5
The final step remains to be done be completed, and drawing the oil well is completed. By using dense hatching, we’ll create shadows in those regions where light is not falling.

What’s more satisfying than owning an oil well of your own? However, whatever happens, we wish you have enjoyed this drawing lesson. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback, your opinion is important to us.

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