Hello! We are pleased to present you with a brand of our latest drawing lesson, which will concentrate on drawing an Ogre.

Ogres are huge human-like creatures that live mostly in swamps. They are carnivores. They devour large wild animals and humans. In the majority of myths and legends, the ogre is a negative character. In fact, the Ogre in this lesson is a character from the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. So, let’s begin this lesson by learning what it takes to draw an Ogre.

Step 1
Stickman of the modern-day character has to change his posture and proportions. As a result, you can see the rotation in the direction of the head as well as the position of the hands and legs. Also, you can assess the body’s size parts, which are a large body with small legs as well as a head with a circular shape. Pay attention to the position of the shoulders’ lines and the pelvis. This is vital for drawing the correct poses.

Step 2
We now create the silhouette that represents the beast. We now create an outline of our monster. Draw round balls from the shoulders. Connect them with a head with a pair of lines. Take a look, for example at the shoulders – they’re about the same size as the head. Then, draw the arms. They’re made of cylinders that are volumetric. Sketch the silhouettes that form the hands

and fingers. By drawing a semi-circle, draw the body (the reality is that our ogre is just fat, and it is probable that he prefers eating fat people just). Then, at the end of this step, we sketch the contours of our legs and the bat.

Step 3
We sketch the contours of facial features. Take a look at the face of the ogre; it is about the whole face’s length. Their ears are pointed like many other amazing characters. Ears are pointed like in many other amazing characters. The forehead is extremely small and the eyes are on the top of the head.

Step 4
Then add additional details to the facial features of an Ogre. First, draw the contours and the language of the teeth. Be aware that over an upper tooth row, it is important in drawing the gums. In the lower jaw, there are two canines. At the same time, you should draw your ear, and create wrinkles around your eyes, and also on the nose.

Step 5
As you can see, we add more details to our character by putting him from bottom to top which is in the direction of his head down to his feet. Therefore, we must determine the clavicle by using the oblique lines. Below, are the pectoral muscles. They appear to be two plates. Note that due to the anatomy of the Ogre we cannot draw abdominal muscles, we only draw the belly. In the region of the abdomen, we draw the navel and the lines of the obliques around the sides. In this case, is a rough top edge of the pants as well as the belt.

Step 6
Then we can add some specifics on the arms. They are not covered at the elbow. Therefore it is important to draw out the deltoid muscles, triceps, and biceps (look at this and see to see where it is). We will outline the folds of skin around the phalanges as well as the massive claws.

Step 7
It’s the same procedure by drawing the legs the cloth that covers the shin and the whole foot. Make sure to draw a scrape of cloth over the shin. Draw some lines of muscles of the legs. Draw long claws that rest on the toes.

Step 8
In this stage, we make spikes onto the cudgel. Draw strips of fabric wrap over the cudgel. By drawing straight lines, draw cracks on the wood.

Step 9
Once we’ve completed this it is time to draw the shadow of our creature. Shadows are drawn as tiny areas of cross-hatching at the right areas.

The drawing was an art class on drawing an Ogre. If you love fantasy and dragons and dungeons, you should check out our drawing lessons to learn drawing an ogre, knight, dragon, knight, and werewolf.

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