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How to Draw an Octopus

Today, we’ll show you how to draw an Octopus. We know you enjoy drawing exotic animals. We present you again with a unique creation. Although it looks difficult, you can achieve really amazing results by following a few steps. Let’s draw an octopus.

How to Draw an Octopus

Step 1 – Make the base

First, draw your torso. It should look like an oval-shaped shape with a slight curve in the middle. Place this figure in the center of the paper sheet.




Step 2: Draw the outline of the tentacles of the Octopus

Tentacles are the primary weapon of the Octopus. It can also be used to transport the octopus on the seabed or in water. Draw these long, straight lines at the top and bottom of your paper.




Step 3: Draw the tentacles

These lines can be transformed into massive tentacles. Each tentacle shows a smooth narrowing at the distal end. Don’t forget to draw the relief of tentacles, which help the octopus fix on different surfaces.




Step 4 – Draw the eyes

Draw the eyes. You will notice that the eyes of an octopus are much larger than human eyes.




Step 5 – Remove all unnecessary lines

Remove all unnecessary lines left over from previous steps. All mistakes in lines and proportions must be corrected.




Step 6 -Color your octopus

Octopuses can be very colorful. You can choose any color you want. Even the most bizarre combinations will likely bear some resemblances to real-life animals.




We hope you found this drawing guide helpful. Don’t forget to tell us how you did this strange sea creature. Every comment is appreciated and we will adjust our work accordingly.

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