How to draw an Obstagoon

How to draw an Obstagoon

Step 1:

Let’s get started with the steps to create the Legendary Pokemon. Draw a few circles around the body, head, and hands. Next, draw the facial guidelines and limb guides.

Step 2:

Begin to draw Obstagoon’s profile using the head guide.

Step 3:

Fill in the face by adding an eye, nose, and ear. To create different aspects of your face design, you can also add detail to the face.

Step 4:

You can also add teeth to create a longer tongue.

Step 5:

Draw the body in a humpback shape. Then add the layers of armor and the other layers to the body. The shoulder and arm will be drawn in.

Step 6:

Do the same for the other arm. Make an ‘X’ in the shoulder with both your hands. You can also add the band to the inner side of your body.

Step 7:

The back can be drawn, which is similar to a long fur coat. Next, you can complete the arm formation.

Step 8:

Next, draw the legs and give them some design or definition.

Step 9:

End Obstagoon by drawing the boot-like bottom half of your legs, which is also the feet. All guidework and mistakes should be erased.

Step 10:

You’re done! You can now color this Pokemon to make him come to life.

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