Hello dear artists. In the present day of iPhones and iPods, this was a normal thing used to be an MP3 player has stopped to be a requirement. However, today we decided to think about this feature and create an instruction on drawing the MP3 player.

Step 1
In the course on a smartphone initially, we draw a rectangle.

Step 2
In the middle of the rectangle drawn in the previous step, create a new rectangle. Just a little lower, draw a circle button.

Step 3
By drawing very thin lines, draw the headphones with very light lines (by the way, if you’d like to draw large headphones).

Step 4
With the aid of dark and clear lines, you can make the headphones visible and not forget the holes or inscriptions on them.

Step 5
Eliminate any unnecessary guidelines and then create some shadows and glare by hatching.

In this lesson, we taught our students ways to design the MP3 player step-by-step. If you enjoyed this lesson, we’re 100% certain that you’ll really enjoy our section titled “EASY DRAWING”“.

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