How To Draw An M16 Step by Step || Gun Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

This is a simple step. What you’ll need to do is draw some lines to ensure that the riffle’s structure is perfectly straight and aligned. There are nine lines total, and they differ in the size. Make use of this step to guide you the length of each line and the best place to draw them.

Step 2
In this phase you’ll sketch the frame of your M16. Start with scratch and then utilize the lines as a guide for drawing the barrel, nose, as well as the scope’s shell. These are all drawn over the sketch. The thing I’d like you to do is begin sketching the grenade launcher. This is also a very simple procedure. The only thing you need to do is drawing a cylinder of pipe. You can see that each section of the rifle you draw perfectly with the lines you sketched in the first step. Continue drawing the sections above, then proceed to the next step once you’re finished.

Step 3
This is the next step. you’ll already be able to envision what the drawing will be like once you’re finished. The sketch is now similar to the M16. What you’ll need to draw is the remainder on the upper part of your weapon, filling the barrel’s bottom and describing the specifications, then go on to sketch it out. All the details on each barrel line until you reach the middle. of the M16. If you look at the center detail , you can determine the shell of the gun , as in the above picture. Since it’s hard to describe each component of this device, the best way to approach it is to increase the size of the image and follow the instructions. After that it’s time to sketch how the barrel will look, adding the design liner that looks like an empty drain from a washing machine. The final step is to draw on the ink cartridge along with the handle as well as the top part of the riffle.

Step 4
Step 4 is an easy one as the rifle is already complete in this stage, all you have to do is sketch out the specifics and meanings that the firearm. The grip is attached to the grenade launcher which you have to sketch before proceeding to explore the specifics of the weapon. It’s similar to the drain hose in the washing machine. Once you have done this, the next thing you need to do is to outline the gun’s stock and cartridge. Triggers should also be more clearly drawn. Once you are satisfied that your M16 is looking great it is time to move on and erase the outline that you sketched out in step one. You’re more than ready! You can move on to the next stage that is.

Step 5
Here’s what your finished M16A4 would look after you’ve finished drawing your sketch. It’s fun, hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson of drawing the M16A4 assault rifle. I’ll share it with you later.

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