We are in love with the latest technology and often draw various items of electronic devices, mostly various smartphones. However, it was the case that we mostly draw tablets and smartphones from Apple like iPhone as well as the iPad. Today, we chose to draw a smartphone on Android and then created an instructional video on drawing the LG V30.

Step 1
Then, in the beginning, we draw the outline that defines the shape of our phone as the shape of a rectangle.

Step 2
With four short curved lines, we can draw the angle of our smartphone’s rounded edges.

Step 3
The first step is to remove any unnecessary guidelines from our drawing using the aid of erasers. eraser.

Step 4
Then, using straight lines, trace an outline for the screens using round angles. We also trace the outline that defines the borders.

Step 5
Another step that is simple in that is to draw an antenna as well as the tray to hold the SIM card. SIM card to the back on the back of the body.

Step 6
With the aid of straight lines, draw an outline of glare across the screen. Then using dense hatching, draw shadows like in our illustration.

Today we have shown that you could draw on a smartphone. Maybe you’d like to learn how to draw using a different method or perhaps a type or character drawn from a film or comic. If you do, tell us about it in the comments of this article or through our social media networks.

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