Perhaps the most well-known smartphone of the 21st century would be the iPhone. Smartphones made by Apple are well-known to all as well as every other company tries to imitate the look of the iPhone. Today’s drawing lessons are by our instructors who have decided to teach how to draw what to draw on the iPhone X.

Step 1
Then, draw the outline that represents The iPhone X in a shape of a rectangle, as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 2
Then, round around the angle of your iPhone X as shown in our example.

Step 3
Then carefully take off any sharp corners to create a drawing that looks as if it was drawn on an iPhone.

Step 4
Then we draw a striking feature of the iPhone which is a distinctive screen with an unusual design.

Step 5
With a few strokes, create glare on the screen. Then, you can add shadows as we did in this example.

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