Today we’ll sketch a representation of the insurance industry. Insurance is the right of the most visionary and well-informed people. In fact, insurance is a distinct kind of business that permits one to be better well-prepared and secure from potential problems. In addition, the growth of an insurance company is not possible without the primary agent of the entire insurance system. We’re talking about the insurance broker.

Step 1

The first step is to start by defining the terms. There is a typical male. In front of us is a slim young man who doesn’t appear to be a superhero. We have made this decision because we often create superheroes drawn from comic books. If you’re also adept at drawing big shoulders and powerful legs, then you need to be rebuilt in this course.



Step 2

Sketch out the neck area and the back area, that narrows slightly towards the pelvis. Draw a triangular pelvis, as we can see in our illustration. Then, we sketch the legs and arms using elongated geometric shapes. The goal is to draw a slim, elegant silhouette. Make sure you don’t draw an extremely broad chest and strong legs. Keep in mind that in the beginning actions we need to draw extremely gentle lines.


Step 3.

Then we will continue our lesson on drawing the insurance representative step-by-step. On the head, draw the outline of the features that make up the persona. The lines of crossing from the previous step can assist us in this task. On the head, we draw the shape of the hair and the ear. With the aid of thin lines, we draw the lines of business clothing and shoes.


Step 4

With clear and dark lines, we carefully sketch the contours of the features on the face (eyes and nose, as well as tight lips) as you observe in our example. We then trace the contours of the hair as well as the face. Be sure to remove all unnecessary guidelines off the face. The character is a little like Captain America at the beginning of the movie and he’s not him?


Step 5

An insurance professional who is successful must appear elegant and professional. We will therefore be wearing his business attire. It’s a formal fashion of clothing without an excessive amount of folds. We carefully sketch outlines of our jacket, shirt, and tie. By using brief lines, we can create folds that are situated close to the button.


Step 6

In this stage, we’ll draw the final outline of the sleeves. The sleeves will be drawn in the exact design as in the previous step. It is possible to see only single folds in the region that is the area of the ulnar fossa, and close to the joint of the shoulder. Take the time to read this article about drawing hands. This will help you draw the hands of our insurance representative.


Step 7

In this phase, we’ll draw the final lines of the shoes and trousers. The trousers of our character should appear slim and snug. Make sure to draw arrows on your trousers and fold them around the shoes.


Step 8

To draw shadows, first, you must consider the direction from which light is coming. In this photo, the light is coming on the left side. After that, by hatching different densities, add shadows to the darkest areas of the body. Additionally, you can alter the shade’s color by adding an additional level of hatching.


This was an illustration of drawing a human in a realistic manner. The most important thing to remember in this tutorial is to follow in a correct manner with the initial two steps. Then, we sketch particulars that are easy to rectify if you fail to follow the instructions. Don’t forget to discuss this lesson with your social network friends If you enjoy our work.


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