At present, we are beginning a new project for us. We’re trying to draw people of Warhammer 40 000. Our first lesson will cover drawing the characters from Warhammer 40 000. Imperial Guard.

Step 1
It is likely that you are aware that the guards of the imperial palace are normal people. They are highly educated and physically well-developed However, they aren’t aliens, they are not Astartes and certainly not demons.

Step 2
Draw two lines of crossing within your face’s contour. Then draw shoulders that are in the form of circles, and arms that are cylinders. Draw the legs as well in the shape of cylindrical shapes.

Step 3
This is an important step to follow because we’ll draw the most basic details beginning with the face and ending with the boot. The head is where we sketch the outline of the helmet as well as facial characteristics. Following that, we can shift to the body area, sketching the contours of the armor, as we see in our image. Remember that the lines in the initial three steps should be thin. This is important to give you the opportunity to repair them.

Step 4
We will then begin the details with only darker lines for the final image. In this stage, we remove any extra guidelines that were left on the helmet. We also sketch some final lines of the contour of the helmet as well as draw the strap onto the mandible. Then draw a frown.

Step 5
The lesson continues on drawing the Imperial Guard. Sketch the contours of the hands of our character. It is not necessary to sketch the muscle or joints in the hands as our character wears an insulated military jacket. However, we’ll draw the palms which hold a standard laser. If it’s a tough issue for you, don’t forget to go through this blog post on drawing palms and fists.HOW TO DRAW AN IMPERIAL GUARD

Step 6
In this stage, we’ll start working with the lower part which is the part of the body we call Our Imperial Guard. This is why we draw the area for the military jacket, which is situated in the belt. Make sure to draw folds along the knees and groin region. Then, draw the contours for high booties. Make sure to fold them in the proper places and then remove all unneeded guidelines.

Step 7
In the final step, we’ll create shadows. However, before that, we have to be aware of the source of light. In our instance, the light comes from the upper right corner. After that, you can use the hatching process of different densities, you can create shadows in the less illuminated regions of the body. Additionally, you can give the shadows stand out with the help of adding another solid hatching.

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