How to Draw an Iguana -

How to Draw an Iguana

How to Draw an Iguana

We will now learn how to draw an Iguana. This unusual animal is very popular in our region. Everybody wants to amaze their friends by learning how to draw something unique. These step-by-step instructions will help you. You will need different types of pencils to get the job done. Although the lesson is straightforward, it takes perseverance and attention.


How to Draw an Iguana

Step 1: Sketch the contours of the Head & Torso

Draw two rounded shapes. The body of the iguana is represented by the larger figure. This shape is slightly obliquely located and is not symmetrical, as you can see. This close-up shows the outline of the head of the iguana. These shapes are not straight.





Step 2: Sketch the neck and head of an Iguana

To create the neck, connect the head and the torso of the iguana using two lines. These lines should be softened using a pencil and with minimal pressure. Then, draw the outline of the frontal part of the iguana’s head, which will look like a frustum.





Step 3 – Draw an Iguana’s Eye

Because of their lateral position, iguanas can look in different directions. We can only see one eye because we draw the iguana sideways. Draw one small, rounded eye with a small pupil. Two eyebrows are better for a realistic look.





Step 4: Draw the Mouth, and Nose of the Iguana

Draw the face of the iguana by drawing the lines of the nose and mouth. Don’t forget the large fold of skin under the neck of the lizard. Sketch out the outline for the right shoulder.





Step 5: Draw the Iguana’s Front Legs

We will now continue our guide on drawing an iguana, step by step. Draw the front legs. The paw nearest to us should be bent at a right angle. Smooth, graceful curves can be found in the forearms.





Step 6 – Draw the Fingers with Claws

The long, flexible fingers of the iguana are an evolutionary tool that allows them to move quickly and dexterously across different surfaces. These guys can even crawl up rocks and walls. These are the long fingers and pointed claws of these men.





Step 7 – Sketch the upper part of the hind leg

Now we can draw the back of our iguana. Draw a round outline of the thigh. Because of the angle, only one leg of the iguana is visible. This foot is slightly obliquely placed.





Step 8 – Complete Sketch of the Hind Leg

Draw a long, but broad foot. The lizard’s foot should be long and straight. Make sure you have long, straight nails for each toe.





Step 9 – Draw the tail of an Iguana

Draw the outline of the long, curving tail. You can arrange the tail of an iguana according to your imagination. It looks like a straight line with a noticeable bend in our case. This is very similar to the tail of any lizard.





Step 10 – Draw the tail

Two smooth lines finish the tail. Use the guideline from the previous step. You should aim for a long, graceful, but powerful tail.





Step 11 – Draw the Horny Spines of the Iguana

The large pointed spines that run throughout the body of the iguana are a distinctive feature. These spines should be drawn, with an eye to the gradual decrease of size in the caudal direction. The same spikes can be found under the head.





Step 12 – Remove Extra Lines

This is necessary to verify the actions taken in the previous steps. Make sure to correct any errors immediately. You can then remove any extra guidelines and start working with colors.





Step 13 – Make an Iguana Drawing

Any color is possible for your iguana. We chose the traditional light-green color. This color can be used in shadows, so you might want to choose a darker shade. Bright orange can be used to paint the eyes of an iguana.




Is your exotic pet already displaying its personality on paper? We’re sure that you can create a beautiful drawing. We listened to your requests and created step-by-step drawings for many wild animals. We hope you find this guide useful. We welcome your feedback as it will help us improve!

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