how to draw an igloo

In this easy drawing tutorial, the team at will demonstrate how you can draw the igloo which is the frozen home for the people from the north. Around the world, there are many different kinds of houses, but one of the most intriguing is the igloo.

Due to the harsh lifestyle and absence of other resources other than snow and ice northerners constructed their homes from the ice. Despite the fact, that the walls are made of ice the igloo stays very warm.

That’s enough for now so let’s look down the page and begin the tutorial on drawing an igloo.


Step 1

The first step is to create the top face of the igloo by making it in the shape of an inverted large letter U. Make sure to make the line appealing and proportional.




Step 2

Then, use this long curve to make an igloo’s bottom edges like the artists from did. The body of the igloo is completed, and it’s now time to move on to the front entrance.




Step 3.

Let’s create the entrance to the igloo from behind. Recreate everything exactly as the artists from created in this sketch.




Step 4

With one large arcuate and a straight line draw what the entryway looks like from the outside. Each time we move through the stages the igloo drawing starts to develop a distinctive appearance.




Step 5

Perhaps the most simple step of the tutorial on drawing an igloo, is where we draw the opening of the door by drawing an upside-down letter U.




Step 6

Set off the drawing pencil and take out an eraser to remove the igloo’s drawing from the guidelines. Take an eraser in your palm to draw the entry.




Step 7

Because the igloo is composed of cubes of ice, it is necessary to create the appearance of these cubes. Start with the entrance and follow the same process as the artists from did.




Step 8

Let’s look at the feel that the cubes form on the igloo. In the 8th stage, we’ll need to create an array of horizontal stripes.




Step 9

Finish the texture of the igloo sketch by drawing vertical lines. When drawing these lines, you need to take into account the bending of the structure, so that the igloo drawing doesn’t appear flat.




Step 10

Take away all unnecessary lines in the image If there are any. To make the art clear, crisp, and visually appealing, trace it using ink or pencil dark.




Step 11

The igloo’s construction is of ice or snow pressed and should be colored light blue. It is possible to paint the igloo using felt-tip pens, pencils, or paints that is the right shade if drawing using a graphics tablet.




The guideline for drawing an igloo comprised eleven stages, and the team from found it to be simple. Send us your suggestions and critiques, since it’s important to us. We will read every comment and we will reply to many of them.

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