how to draw an eyebrow

In one of the earlier instructions, the team at demonstrated how to draw an eye. Here we demonstrate the drawing of an eye. Both of these directions are essential to depict a human and, specifically the skull of a human.


Step 1

In order to accurately draw an eyebrow first, it is necessary to draw the lower part of it which appears like an arc of long length. It is possible to duplicate the form of the brow in the illustration by the artists on or design your own design.




Step 2

This time, draw the exact long line of arcuate that gently is drawn towards and merges with the line drawn in the earlier stage. Be aware that eyebrows differ in not just their shape but as well in their slope and thickness.




Step 3

We’ll begin by working on the edge that is closest to the mid-point of our face. The edge must be drawn by using several shorter lines, which depict hair. This can be different from the one you can see in the illustration from the artists at




Step 4

Let’s now look at the appearance. It is important to note that the hair closest to the left faces the eyebrow in a transverse direction and the remainder of the hair is situated across the eyebrow. To make the design appear more realistic, draw the eyebrow’s hair from its roots towards the tops.




Step 5

Then, you can pick your favorite colors and apply them to the eyebrows. You can use natural and unusual colors, as well as some more natural ones. For example, make green eyebrows like in Hulk. In addition, you could add some shadows to make the drawing appear more full and attractive.




We rarely draw just one eyebrow, aren’t we? Therefore, once you’ve drawn your eyebrows in one copy attempt to draw two eyebrows as in the illustration below. Try to draw this aspect as part of the full-length portrait.




Do you think that the guideline on drawing an eyebrow was easy and easy? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section. The team at is completely attentive to all comments and replies to lots of them.

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