How to Draw an Eye

The team behind believes that each artist must be capable draw a person. to do this, each artist must be able to draw eyes.


To be able to draw him accurately it is essential to be able to draw all of his information onto paper. In this piece, the team of will teach you how to draw eyes as among the more complicated features of a face.


Step 1

Let’s draw the outline of the eye, attempting not to exert too excessive stress on your pen. The eyes appear in various designs, yet the basic concepts remain the same. The basic shape of the eyes is basically two lines as illustrated in the photo below.




Step 2

The pupil is now drawn as a normal circle. The pupil should be placed in the shape of the eye in a way that the lower and upper parts are covered by eyelids. Our sketch will now look much more like an image of the eye.

Step 3

Then, draw what is the center of your pupil in the perfect circle. It is possible to create this simple geometric representation using a compass or even your own effort.




Step 4

Then, gently draw the lines of the lower and upper eyelids. They should be able to replicate these lines from the initial step, but gradually approach these lines on the eye’s corners. Utilize a shorter curving line to form a tear duct.




Step 5

Above the eye Draw a crease by the eye’s cavity beneath the skin. Below the tear duct, draw two lines to give the eye more volume.




Step 6

Make the eyelashes. Draw it with a huge amount of lines that are slightly curled. The lower eyelashes must be shorter and the upper ones should be slightly longer.




Step 7

If you’ve done everything right the drawing you’ve drawn with your eyes will be like the image below. Now let’s start coloring right now.




Step 8

Eyes, and also skin, may be painted in a variety of different shades that range from natural to amazing. When you’ve painted the skin as well as the pupil, don’t forget to apply a small tint to the sclera to ensure that it looks strange.




As we pointed out at the beginning of the lesson It is vital to draw eyes as well as other body parts. So, try to duplicate your drawing as precisely as you can. Try to draw eye sketches in various forms and from various perspectives. However, you’re unlikely to draw eyes apart in relation to the other parts of your body or face. Therefore, try drawing eyes as a part of a complete face portrait.

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