How to draw an exercise book

In our previous lessons, we demonstrated how to draw an open book as well as how to draw an open book. The lessons were simple, but extremely useful lessons. many of our viewers who had mastered these lessons wanted to learn by drawing from the exercise books and, as you can observe, this lesson is now ready.

Step 1

A book of exercises is a relatively simple topic so the initial part of the lesson on the subject will be quite simple. Therefore, we only have to outline the standard rectangle.

Step 2

To give the rectangular shape the appearance of its own exercise manual We sketch a line further on the bottom. On the left-hand side, draw two clips, and in the middle of the rectangle, draw three lines of the same design.

Step 3

This easy lesson on exercises is nearly completed, however, we need to complete one more vital step. Through hatching the exercise book, we draw shadows at the lower part of the exercise book. Then, we sketch out the shadows cast.

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