How to Draw an Evil Goblin

How to Draw an Evil Goblin

Step 1:

Start with the basics of the head and torso of the goblin.

Step 2:

Next, draw the face from a 3rd view angle. Then, add the evil expressions eyes, thick eyebrows, nose, and villain-like smile.

Step 3:

You will need to draw her thick, long hairstyle here.

Step 4:

Also, add the pointed teeth.

Step 5:

Draw in her large, goblin-sized ear. Next, add the rest of her hair. This will shape the head.

Step 6:

You can add the thread wraps to her hair as shown here.

Step 7:

Next, draw the slanted back Horns and add definition to the ear.

Step 8:

Starting with the upper body, we will begin with the neck and shoulders.

Step 9:

Finally, add the flowers to her top and detail to the surface texture of her clothing. Correct any mistakes or guides.

Step 10:

This is all you need to draw an evil goblin. You can now color it.

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