Hello! Today, we’ll teach our readers how you can draw an eraser. We are thrilled that we have finally taken the decision to draw this topic. We would never have completed any drawing lessons sans an eraser.

Step 1
Let’s draw a normal parallelogram.

Step 2
We must now remember the geometry of the school curriculum. Let’s construct the figure in the previous step, and finally the parallelepiped. As you can observe, we already have the upper portion and we need the drawing of two lower pieces.

Step 3
At this stage, there aren’t any actions to be taken in this step, other than minor corrections to the corners. Similar angles can be seen during the class where we explained the drawing process on the lines on an iPhone.

Step 4
Let’s draw parallel horizontal lines along the sides that are front and lateral.

Step 5
Draw a shadow over the back of the eraser.

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