How To Draw An Emu || Birl drawing easy -

How To Draw An Emu || Birl drawing easy

How To Draw An Emu || Birl drawing easy

The basic step-by-step drawing instructions that follow below.

Step 1

Then, we’ll sketch the directions for the emu bird. which will allow us in shaping the body with ease.

Step 2

Let’s draw the head as well as the initial phase of the beak.

Step 3

This is a subdivided version of the face into three easy steps. Make sure to paint these at the speed you are comfortable with.

Step 4

Then draw the neck shape to identify the uniqueness of this animal.

Step 5

Draw a beautiful crown around the neck of the bird and draw the top and back portion of its bushy tail.

Step 6

Then, we sketch the bottom of the creature, as well as its feet and legs.

Step 7

Then, outline each feather as well as how it will look. feathers. Then, outline each feather and the texture of the body.

Step 8

Draw the final hind leg.

Step 9

When you’re satisfied with the drawing then go ahead and draw your design and you’ll get something similar to this! Make sure to pour the ink to finish your work.

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