How to Draw an Emu Bird

How to Draw an Emu Bird

Step first:

Sketch the guidelines for your emu. This will make it easier to place the body’s shapes.

Step second:

Next, start working on the beak and then the head shape.

Step third:

Next, start with the chest and work your way to the back.

Step four:

Let’s draw the facial features for the emu.

Step five:

Next, we will work on the fluffy tail shape and underneath the body where you can see the legs.

Step six:

Then, we will work on each leg individually. Let’s begin with the overlapping leg.

Step seven:

Next, draw the leg being overlaid by the other.

Step eight:

Once you have completed all steps, you should end up with this result. I’m glad you were able to join me again! Drago is your place to share what you have done!

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