how to draw an emoji

If you are thinking drawing something simple is not easy It is, but we’ll try to convince you otherwise. We have put together this tutorial on drawing an emoticon.

Step 1

First, we begin by drawing a normal circle. In many drawing classes we advise you not to attempt to draw perfect even shapes at the beginning steps. We will draw straight lines straight away as this is a brief instruction. If you are able to draw the circle with no assistance from tools that are auxiliary it will be perfect.




Step 2

Then we sketch the contours of the eyes. This is somewhat like the contours of the eyes that are used by cartoon characters. The similarity in the contours is due to the fact that emoticons were invented by Japanese artists who were enthralled by anime.




Step 3

Then, let’s draw a contour around the mouth. This is a huge smiley mouth that covers almost the entire lower part of the circle from the very beginning. Be sure to ensure that the upper part of the mouth isn’t too bent.




Step 4

Give a few details to our Emoji. This is what differentiates emoji from the popular emoticon. It’s about teeth. It appears like an elongated strip of material that runs parallel to the upper part of your mouth.




Step 5

Eliminate the lines in the background and erase the entire picture using the eraser. This is a straightforward drawing but there is a subtle difference. When drawing things such as symbols or objects that seem known to all, you can’t accept even the slightest error as this could ruin the entire drawing.




Step 6

Add the Color. Yellow is the most popular color for emoticons and emojis. This tutorial will show you how. we’ll not employ shadows, which is an easy step.




We hope that this tutorial on drawing an emoji has been helpful to you. Don’t forget to share your comments about our efforts by leaving a comment. This is the main reward we can receive.

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