Hello, dear artists. Today, we are going to present an updated drawing tutorial on drawing the head of an elk step-by-step. It will be an easy drawing lesson where we’ll only create the head and neck of the elk and in the lessons to follow, we’ll demonstrate ways to draw an elk completely.

Step 1
It is a good idea to start the drawing class with ovals and circles. The sketch is of the skull of an elk that is split into two parts: both the frontal area and the skull. The nose is humped. Sketch out the horns, then move on to the following step.

Step 2
Draw the outline of the head of the elk more realistically. Draw out the mouth, nose eyes, and neck. By using gentle lines, draw hair horns’ branches.

Step 3
We now need to create the final contours. By using dark lines and sharp ones, sketch out the horns that are branched and the contours of the head.

Step 4
The most basic, yet less important part of the drawing class is about drawing the head of an Elk. We will have to remove all unneeded guidelines and add some specifics.

Step 5
We need to make shadows for the head of our moose. Be careful when adding hatching to ensure that the drawing is not too dark.

The head of an elk has been drawn. You can keep it white and black or even you can add color. Additionally, you can assist us to evolve and keep delighting you with drawing lessons that are new. All you have to do is post this drawing lesson on your blog and join us on social media networks.

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