How to Draw an Elephant Seal Step by Step

The simple step-by step drawing guide below.

How to Draw a Realistic Tornado with Pencil

Step 1

Outline circles and ovals to outline lines for the seal’s body. Draw this gently using an HB pencil or #2. Be sure to draw it in the same way as in the photo.

Step 2

Draw two long red lines like in the picture.

Step 3

Draw curved lines that represent your seal’s flippers. They’re not quite the same, so keep an check on the places they are.

Step 4

Draw the eyes and the snout of the seal. This is also known as the proboscis.

Step 5

Then draw the lines along the side that is left of the seal. Pay attention to how the lines correspond to the directions. Don’t ignore the beach and his flippers, and some of the pile that is ahead.

Step 6

This time, draw the right side of the seal including his furry scarf and cute little toes. Don’t forget to draw the opposite part of the shoreline.

Step 7

This line drawing was created specifically for beginners to make sure you don’t have to think twice. If you don’t wish to work on shading or pencil blending, then you can complete this step. If not, go on in the second step.

Step 8

The sketch has some additional specifics. Draw lines that represent his wrinkles and areas of speckles. Take a look at where these lines go in order to create shadows.

Step 9

This is the most perfect line drawing designed specifically for you. If you do not want to work on shading and pencil blending, you may put it aside. If not, we’ll continue drawing with pencil.

Step 10

Here’s a sketch drawn using the 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Check closely to see whether your lines appear like this. You can erase lines if regions like your nose or eyes do not align. Utilize your kneaded eraser as well as the kneaded eraser to erase shadow contours or dark lines to create more realistic appearance when shade. Shade shifts from dark to light (or in reverse) must be smooth…no sharp lines. Be patient It’s not as difficult as you might think. As you take more photos it will become much easier for you.

Step 11

This time, my Acrylics along with 9B’s pencil dots took the crown! Sandpaper, the newest artist on the block, has to be leaning back on my incredible Titanium White or Opaque Watercolors to make sure they hit the highlights! Yaaah! Try it, you’ll enjoy it!

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