how to draw an elephant head -

how to draw an elephant head

how to draw an elephant head

In this easy eleven-stage guide, the team from will teach the user ways to draw an elephant’s head simply and fast. By following this guideline you can draw not just an elephant but also an enormous mammoth. So, get your preferred art kit and follow the steps to draw an elephant’s head.


Step 1

We’ll begin by imagining one’s elephant’s head in a huge ball. This is the basis upon which we’ll build the rest of the details.



Step 2

The bottom and third of the ball show the eyes and the portion of the trunk in between them. The eyes of elephants are tiny enough.



Step 3.

Utilizing two curving lines that are long and straight creates a long trunk. Then, mark the position of the tusks, as shown in the illustration below the words.



Step 4

Then, using just a few lines, show the tusks. They could be small as in the picture below, or massive like a mammoth.



Step 5

Let’s give the head of the animal a more natural appearance. For this, we need to draw the skull’s bones on both sides.



Step 6

In this step, you will draw your ears on the elephant’s ears. It’s a little complex, so firstly, draw the upper part of the ear as shown in the drawing below.



Step 7

Then, using drawing lines that wind, depict your lower edge of huge ears. Now your drawing of an elephant should appear like this:



Step 8

Now let’s give the sketch a realistic appearance. In order to do this, draw an abundance of irregular veins in the ears.



Step 9

Let’s now give the animal’s trunk the most realistic and impressive appearance. To achieve this, draw many transverse lines.



Step 10

Remove all instructions from the elephant’s artwork and trace it using darker lines and proceed to the final stage of the guideline on drawing the head of an elephant.



Step 11

We’re at the final phase, and now we draw the heads of our elephants. For this, we will employ taupe or gray shades. Paint your eyes in dark brown, and the tusks in ivory.



It’s not difficult, wasn’t it? The team at is hoping that this tutorial has helped you understand how to draw the head of an elephant. You can also try drawing other animals, for example, a Wolf or an animal that is a crane.

Tell us what you think of this instructional video and about overall. Write down what else you’d like to know to draw. We will read your comments and reply to a lot of them.

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