As we mentioned earlier, artists should be able to draw simple objects that we see every day. For these items, there are a variety of categories, including sections that are called still life or electronic. Within these sections, we’ve created a series of fairly easy lessons that are suitable for an artist who is new to the art and is looking to improve their drawing abilities, as in the case of a skilled artist who is looking to learn how to draw a specific product. One of these includes the electric kettle, which we will draw in the drawing lesson that you’re currently studying. To simplify the process we’ve divided the lesson on drawing the electric kettle into a number of very simple steps and attempted to create the most detailed yet not too long description.


Step 1

The objects we draw start with basic geometric shapes. And the drawing of an electric kettle begins with the most basic geometric shape. In the initial stage, we have to draw an elongated semi-oval.


Step 2

This is the next step is to follow, where we’ll include the most crucial and visible particulars to the drawing that depicts the kettle. Draw the kettle’s outlet lid, handle, and outlet. Draw the base underneath the kettle. This is the base from which we will build our kettle



Step 3

The next step is a grueling electronic kettle drawing guide where we require more care. Make sure to circle the lines to make them appear lighter and cleaner, and eliminate any unnecessary guidelines. Include a button as well as an off/on the light.


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