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How to Draw an Electric Guitar Step by Step

You are able to use the step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

So, let’s get started on the initial step by drawing an initial outline of the design and frame of this Razorback guitar. Begin with drawing the V shape of the neck. then draw a narrow and long horizontal rectangle to form your guitar’s neck. You can then sketch out the outline of the blade to resemble that of the guitar’s body. the distinctively designed instrument, as shown here.

Step 2

In the second step, you’ll need to set it to the outside of your collar of the V-neck and make sure that the edges are clean and sharp Then, you will add four lines along the neck’s top in the manner shown below. After that, you’ll go towards the body and then begin drawing out the form of your guitar with greater precision. Make more lines to the inside of the guitar close to the edges. This will give definition and shape to Razorback. You can then apply rectangular forms for your Floyd rose pickups. You will also seal the sharp edges at the bottom of the guitar.

Step 3.

You are now finished with steps one and two. So far, you’ve done a great job. What you’ll do in this next step is add three adjustment keys to each side. After that, you’ll add additional contours to the upper part of your guitar, as illustrated here. Then, you will create rectangles for the vintage pickups, and the pickups that are between. You can then make small ovals to form the saddle, and finally, add lines to the lower part of the body of the guitar.

Step 4

The time has come to finish your drawing step. Now you’ll complete the rest of the intricate lines and shapes in order to finish your Razorback design. The next step is to join all the frets onto the neck, and then draw the entire string in a straight line. The pickup will be embellished with details and then attach to each screw. You can then draw three circles to form the knobs and finally the sockets. Remove all the concepts and shapes you created in the first step.

Step 5

Here’s how you’ll see your instrument once you’re finished. All you need to do is color it, and you’ve learned how to draw an image of a Dean Razorback guitar step by step.

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