A lot of our readers like drawing in the style of still life. These depict diverse fruits, vegetables, fruits, and other things. We are also a fan of this kind of fine art and that is why we offer various lessons on objects that could be drawn in still-life. Another lesson we offer on this subject is drawing the eggplant.

Step 1

Most of our lessons on vegetables and fruits begin with basic circles and ovals. In this case, we’ll need to draw a more complex geometric form, like a curving oval, which is narrowed on one side.



Step 2

The “body” of our vegetable is now ready, and we will make our drawings more like an eggplant. To achieve this, draw the outline of the stem on the smaller portion. Make sure to follow the proportions and contours of the pieces as shown in the illustration below.


Step 3

To accomplish this, we draw the outline using dark lines and then remove any unnecessary guidelines.


Step 4

With the aid of hatching, draw the shadows at the inside of the vegetable’s bottom. Then, draw the cast shadow onto the surface on which the vegetable sits.


Today we will show the readers the art of drawing the shape of an eggplant. The lesson was broken down into four easy steps, each of which comprised of a few lines and we believe that every one of our readers will be able with this tutorial. This tutorial is useful not just for people who love drawing still-lifes, but also for any other artist who wishes to draw various topics. To increase your skill practice drawing this vegetable over and over again with no reference to this article, but only using the information in our tutorial. If it all worked for you, you can go on to your next class for a step up to a higher level.


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