How to Draw An Easter Egg Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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In this guide of drawing an Easter egg, we’ll start with the shape of the egg itself.

If you’ve got a steady hand, then try drawing the egg’s shape in the same way as in our image reference.

But, it’s difficult to draw an oval egg, therefore there are several options to try if you are stuck.

You can print the first step of this tutorial , and make use of it to trace the outline as well as paint on the outside when you’re struggling.

The egg will be drawn however you want when you’ve drawn the shape , you can begin decorating!

Step 2. Draw the initial decorative lines
Once you’ve got the egg’s outline, it’s the time to begin decorating! There’s a particular tutorial we’ll be following in this guide however, once you’ve got the hang of the concepts of design and techniques, you can use the knowledge you’ve gained to your own ideas.

Start by deciding to begin decorating your Easter egg close to the top, and you can make use of curly curves for a wave-like look.

At the midpoint of the egg, it is possible to draw 3 patterns across the eggs to repeat the pattern.

The first two lines will be slightly closer to each one and the third will be a bit farther away from the two lines

Step 3 – We will complete the line with the details
In this section of the instructional guide on drawing an Easter egg, we’ll reproduce the lines and details from the final step.

But these three lines should be higher than the preceding ones. Similar to the previous step, the initial two lines are slightly closer to each other, while this third line is more distant.

Once you’ve got it as our image of reference then you’re ready to go to step 4.

Step 4 – Add some more eggs
The fourth portion of drawing your Easter egg is a stunning and easy step. To complete this step it is just to draw a curve close to the top of the egg.

Then , you can draw a waving line to the top of the egg.

You can include any additional details on the line you’d like prior to moving on to more circular information in step 2!

Step 5: Now you are able to add the final details to your Easter egg
Before we begin the last step for this Easter egg-themed tutorial we’ll add a few additional details.

The earlier details we included were straight lines, and in this section we’ll include certain circular elements.

You can also add small or medium circles to any location in which there is a significant space between the lines.

Like you see from the image of reference the circles will be tiny Some will be slightly larger.

These are the data we’ve added. However, before you go on, you must be sure to add any other information you’d like!

It could also include more lines, more forms, or perhaps some smaller images. What would you do to put your personal spin the Easter egg illustration?

Step 6: Finish your Easter egg with a variety of colors
Once you’ve finished painting as well as decorated the Easter egg You can finish it with the most exciting of the steps!

Similar to drawing eggs in the real world, now you can also color in your drawings! We chose a blue, yellow as well as a purple scheme in our example, however this is the stage that lets you let your imagination run wild.

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