How to Draw An Ear Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The first step of this instructional video on drawing ears, we’ll begin with a easy. With the reference image used as a reference first, we’ll draw an angled vertical line.

This is the outer edge of your ears, and when you’re done , you can move to the next step!

Second step – add another to the edges of the ear.
Once you’ve got drawn the sketch of an ear sketch You can extend the outline a little more in the next step.

The only thing you have to do is lengthen the liner to the point that they are curving inwards further than what is in the lower ear. The image below will give you a good idea of what the length is recommended to be.

Step 3: Begin to draw the inside of the ear.
Step 3 in this tutorial on drawing ear In step 3, we’ll begin to move further away from our outer part of the ear and begin with the inner portion that is the inner ear.

The ear’s inner part is the most complex portion of drawing, and we’ll be focusing on making it simpler in the following steps.

To begin, you simply extend the line of the upper contour of your ears towards the middle. You can then add an additional curve towards the center of the ear, as shown in the picture.

Step 4 : You may now add additional inner ears.
In order to draw additional inner ears you only need to draw another line of curved lines near the center.

The line begins close to the bottom ring of the ear. It will then extend up to the top the ring.

It’s got some small curves and twists Don’t be afraid to look at the reference image to get help when you sketch it!

Step 5: Draw additional lines for the inner ear.
Your ear drawing is beginning to take shape!

In this step, draw a sharp line starting from the point of the line that you drawn earlier. It should extend slightly until the distal edge of your earlobe.

Step 6 – Finish the details for your ears
By the time you’ve completed step 9 in our ear drawing tutorial you’re close to being finished! You can tell in our drawing, a lot of the lines we added have begun to appear like an ear.

There are just two lines to complete the drawing, so add these lines now.

To draw the first line, just draw a line starting from the top curve that you sketched in the previous step, and then drag it down beneath the ear.

Then, you can add a slight curve running along the outer part of your ear, as illustrated in the picture.

After these lines have been drawn, your ear is only a few steps from being complete!

Step 7 – Finish your ear drawing using colors
The ears can be a challenge to draw however, in this step you’ve succeeded! Although that’s already a impressive feat, there’s one additional thing to complete before you can draw them correctly, but it’s a thrilling step!

Your ear’s drawing could use some color, so this is your chance to demonstrate how inventive you are!

This is only a way of coloring your ears. you are at liberty to play with and try any color you like!

Selecting a color is only one of the ways to personalize your drawing There’s a lot more you can accomplish.

One interesting thing you could do is add some jewellery on your ear. If you own some earrings that you are fond of then you can put the design on them!

You can also let your inner designer loose and create some amazing earrings to match!

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