how to draw an eagle head

In this easy nine-step tutorial you will discover the art of drawing an eagle’s head quickly and easily.

Eagles are among the most well-known and majestic creatures. They are part of the culture and mythology of the majority of Indo-European tribes.

They are distinguished by their stifling look and sharp eyes, which we’ll also be taught to draw in this tutorial on drawing the head of an eagle.


Step 1

Start sketching the head of an eagle using the most basic oval. This will serve as the foundation from which we’ll create the details to come later on.




Step 2

Utilizing two lines that are curly and light to draw the neck of an eagle. Make sure to repeat their shapes and locations like the illustration from the artists at




Step 3.

Let’s now look after the beak of our beautiful birds. The first step is to draw the upper section of the beak that is curved downwards.



Step 4

Then draw the lower part of the beak as well as the line that divides the beak from its head. Eagle. Repeat the steps like the one shown in the artists from



Step 5

The eyes are the next thing to portray of the Eagle. First, draw the eyebrows of a frown, and next, draw the eye as well as the oval pupil within.



Step 6

Let’s now draw the delicate look of hair. Make this drawing with lots of lines in a small area, as the artists from did.



Step 7

The beak should draw the nostril. Then, move down to the very end of the neck and sketch the neck’s lower part with a very drawn line.



Step 8

Take the guidelines off the head, and then trace the necessary guidelines using ink or pencil that is darker. If you’ve done everything correctly the drawing of your eagle appears like this.



Step 9

Let’s paint the eagle’s head. Make the head white and the beak yellow and the eye either gray or yellow. The instruction for drawing an eagle’s head is over.



All you need to know my dear artists. Do you think that the guideline for drawing an eagle’s head was easy? Tell us your thoughts on this along with the other things you’d like to learn how to draw. The team at will read all your suggestions and will respond to many of them.

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