How To Draw An Eagle Head Step by Step -

How To Draw An Eagle Head Step by Step

How To Draw An Eagle Head Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

The explanation we’ll be giving in this tutorial on eagle heads will show a closer-up of this magnificent bird.

In this first step beginning at the top of the skull and the beak. Then, draw a curving line to mark at the top.

The two will join with further curves that will be used for the mine. The junction between the beak and the head you will see two tiny spikes that protrude.

The beak is the main part We’ll apply curves to the lower half of the beak. this will make it more pointed.

It’s all that must be accomplished in this stage and we can move onto the next stage.

Step 2. Draw the bottom of the mouth.
You’ve drawn the top of the beak. in the second portion of your drawing of the eagle’s head we’ll draw the bottom part, along with some additional details around the mouth region.

Utilize curved lines to create the opening for your mouth beneath the beak, and then add the tongue inside. After drawing the mouth, you may also include an outline for the bottom of the beak.

When the beak and mouth are drawn after that, we’ll create lines around the mouth region Then, you can make sharp lines that are jagged and sharp for the neck’s top.

Step 3: Draw the eyes, and some textures.
Following this tutorial of drawing an Eagle’s head, we’ll begin adding eyes and textures to the image.

To draw your eye to draw a curving horizontal line. Add the circle below it. Then , add a dot this circle to indicate your eye’s pupils.

Then, draw more curving and pointed lines to the top and front of your neck. After this drawing is completed and outlined, we’ll add lots of texture to the feathers that cover the top.

Use plenty of curves in the head area to create these textures, then proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Next create pointed feathers near the neck’s base.
The following steps in this eagle head sketch will allow you finalize some strokes and details.

Then we’ll draw additional necks at the bottom.

The section is located to the left of the collar. this will be drawn with the same lines, but with squiggly lines. These lines end up with pointed tips.

The dimensions of these spikes will be somewhat irregular, giving the fur a deliberately coarse appearance. Once the spikes are drawn the spikes, we’ll proceed towards the details that will be finalized in the following stage of our tutorial!

Step 5: Add the final details to your eagle’s head sketch
It’s time to start coloring as the final step of this tutorial on eagle heads However, first, we need to fill in smaller details to complete!

The first step is to make sure that the contour is perfect for the neck’s base. this can be accomplished by with more pointed and curly lines.

After you have completed the outline Once you have it finished, you can add small details to the mouth and eyes to make them complete.

When all the information is completed, you’ll be prepared for the next step! Before you proceed, you could include additional details of your personal details.

Another option is to paint a bit more of the body of the eagle However, you could also paint a portion of the background to complement this stunning eagle picture. What would you do to finish this amazing photograph?

Step 6 – Complete the eagle head painting by adding the color
This is the last step of this painting of an eagle’s head and we’ll add colour to finish it.

For the head we chose various shades of gray to give feathers a more lively appearance. Then , we added different shades of gold to make the beak, creating the appearance of a vibrant contrast.

If you are coloring your own pictures ensure that you are using other colors that you enjoy!

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