How to Draw an Axe team will demonstrate how to draw an axe quickly and easily with this simple drawing instruction. This article will show you how to draw a civil ax. It is used primarily for cutting trees. We can help you draw a battle knife.

To begin creating art, you will need a pencil and paper or a graphic tablet. Once you have all the art tools, scroll down a bit to create an ax drawing.


Step 1

Let’s draw an ax and handle. Draw a straight line first, then draw another parallel to it. You can choose to have the axe handle straight or curved.



Step 2

The front depicts a trapezoid that will eventually become a head. An ax head can be either straight or curved.



Step 3

Add a small C-shaped line to the handle of your ax. Next, draw a sharpening line between the back of the head and the tip.



Step 4

Wipe off any guidelines to make the ax drawing more beautiful and vibrant. To make the artwork more beautiful, voluminous, and artistic, trace the entire piece with darker lines.



Step 5

The ax head can be painted in dark or light gray and the handle is brown. The handle and the head of the axe can be painted in gray shades. You can also add wood texture to your handle.



These lines will show you that you know how to draw an Axe. You can write to us if you don’t know how to draw an ax. We respond to all comments. This is an ax to cut trees, as we have already stated. You can find a battle ax in the pages by writing to us.

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