Today, we’ve prepared for you a brand new drawing tutorial, in which we will teach the drawing process of an avocado. It will be a drawing tutorial on drawing avocados. Our subscribers and readers on social networks are frequently asked to draw this fruit because it is an excellent accessory to any still life.


Step 1

First, the first stage is not surprising. We draw the contours of the avocado. As you can see, it appears like something that is a cross between the shape of a pear and an electric light bulb. By using very gentle hand movements, it is necessary to draw the outline of the avocado as an easy sketch.



Step 2

We now add a small circle, which is placed at the side on the top of an avocado. The drawing is simplified manner, so we chose to sketch an avocado that did not have any leaves or stems. You can also draw a stalk as well as several extended leaves at this point.


Step 3.

Avocados don’t always have a perfectly smooth surface as you’ve guessed. So, we outline small, thin smooth lines along the lower and left edges of the drawing. Apply a light hatching on the right side to draw the shadows. It is also possible to outline the shadows onto the surface, in order to minimize the impact of a fruit hanging from the air.


The drawing guide on drawing an avocado has been completed successfully You now need to build your skill. To complete the drawing and achieve the next level of mastery it is possible to add additional specifics. For instance, you could draw an avocado in a vase that is filled with apples or pears. Make different versions of still-lifes using the fruit, as well as other objects available on

We take only a brief break prior to drawing lessons which can be difficult. If you’re looking to speedily begin new lessons, don’t forget to write about your experience in the comment section. In addition, these easy drawing lessons are extremely useful to those just beginning to learn about geometric shapes. Don’t forget that on our website, there are a variety of fruits that you can draw. If you can draw a few simple fruits, vegetables, or other objects you can draw, it will be simpler for you to deal with more challenging drawing lessons.

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